Thanks, Captain Obvious

Hello there, this is the launch of our new website of providing financial and legal information to today’s teens. We are set on providing confidential information that you can trust, to base your decisions and financial status on. Our domain is interesting we try to come up with a funny name that is not only true but has a story behind it. We believe ourselves to be captain obvious. Because society does not tell you what is obvious. Society skims the surface and just says as little out life as it can.



Hollywood bases its movies off of a fantasy world that we do not live in. There’s no such thing as my from nowhere, there’s no such thing as moving up to a job wearing a suit every day, within a few days. You have to start somewhere you have to get somewhere and you have to make your own decisions. Make your decisions wisely do not waste your life waiting for other people to make them for you. It is not the thought that Mr. accounts but the actions. Your actions decide who you will be who you become and you are.

Although you may be presently pretty low that’s not it that’s not where you’re going to go. You’re going to go where you’re headed in the direction you point your life. Therefore when we call ourselves captain obvious it is because we believe the fax we’re going to provide will be obvious fax. But nobody is taking the time to consider them and successfully applied into their lives. It is not hard work that wins you money this early, but thought point with action. Please listen to all of the audio samples and audiobooks we post on this website in the future. We strive to make sure that you do not receive any wrong information or information that will not help you perfectly.

Please take to heart everything you read and see on this website and believed without doubt that we are here to help. I list of books to read what also be included. Also please watch the videos that are posted. We are going to post a seeker entourage video that possibly will change your life forever. There’s a whole list of recommended books to read, in the book section. Be sure to check them out at your local library. Libraries can be endless sources of information and timeless value. Nearly every book that has been ever written what is in a library somewhere not be full by the rise of audiobooks yes audiobooks have their place and are very useful but it will never replace a hard copy of the book that you can hold and read and also keep close and for reference. Audiobooks are hard to study with because you can only listen to a certain section of text at a time. You can flip through manual books and look at them anytime you please and make notes accordingly. Do not hesitate to purchase books to read. As long as you’re going to read them.

Till next time,

Charles L. Shwab